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Our Technology

We continually track emerging diagnostic and clinical technologies in order to provide treatment efficiently, predictably, and comfortably.

3D Imaging and Digital X-Ray

Our Planmeca 3D Imaging system provides advanced diagnostic and treatment planning capabilities utilizing ultra-low dose radiation. The three-dimensional feature, similar to medical CT, not only reveals conditions not seen with conventional two-dimensional X-rays, but it enables very precise implant placement, which leads to more predictable outcomes. Patients appreciate the fact that the machine also makes two-dimensional x-rays for cavity detection without the need for placing an uncomfortable sensor inside the mouth.

CAD-CAM Dentistry

Utilizing CAD-CAM technology, the CEREC system enables us to manufacture and insert a full or partial crown in just over one hour. Unlike conventional crowns, there are no messy impressions and there is no need for a temporary crown and second insertion appointment. The procedure is completed in a single visit.

After the dentist shapes and prepares the affected tooth, he makes an optical impression with a hand-held camera connected to a powerful computer. The computer digitizes the optical impression, and software designs the crown. The design data is sent wirelessly to a nearby milling machine, which mills the crown from a block of ceramic material, creating a life-like metal-free restoration.

After the dentist tries the crown on the tooth to verify the fit, he polishes the crown and bonds it to the tooth with resin dental cement. Multiple crowns can be done in a single appointment, when needed.

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