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Most of us know how unhealthy sugary snacks and soft drinks can be for our bodies and our teeth. This has led many people to turn to sugar free snacks as an alternative without realizing that these may not be better for their dental health.

Sugar Isn’t the Only Threat to Enamel

The Australian Dental Organization released a report detailing the dangers of dental erosion caused by highly acidic sugar free snacks. When the bacteria in your mouth, called plaque, digest leftover sugary foods, they produce acidic waste that chips away at enamel. Eating or drinking anything high in acidic content defeats the purpose of skipping the sugar. This is why it’s so important to brush after every meal, floss, and keep regular appointments with you Sevierville dentist.

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If you’re having a hard time identifying snacks that won’t put you on a fast track to cavities, reach out to Dr. William Pippin and his Sevierville dental team. We’re here for all of your dental needs!

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