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Post-Op Instructions

For every dental procedure conducted comes its unique set of post-operative care instructions: to ensure an optimal outcome, patients are encouraged to observe and adhere to these recommendations.

Post Teeth Whitening Care

During the teeth whitening process, the layer protecting teeth is temporarily affected. For the outer layer to regenerate, 12 to 24 hours are required. During this time, patients are advised to avoid staining drinks and foods.

Teeth sensitivity following a whitening treatment can be minimized by patients who abstain from very cold and very hot beverages. Your dentist may prescribe medicated gels and toothpaste to hasten the healing process.

Post Extraction Care

Under normal circumstances, recovery time from a tooth extraction is only a few days. Close adherence to the recommended healing regimen helps expedite the healing period.

To minimize the risk of infection, as well as hasten the healing process, your healing regimen may include any or all of the following:

  • Avoid chewing until the anesthesia wears off – the aim here is to prevent damaging the tissue owing to a lack of sensation at the treatment site.
  • Use pain reliever and other medications as prescribed.
  • Bite firmly on the gauze to hasten blood clot formation. Periodic changing of the gauze pad is advised.
  • Apply ice at the extraction site to prevent or reduce swelling.
  • Avoid activities which might contribute to dislodging the clot from the affected site. Drinking using straws and forceful spitting are cases in point.

Seeking Further Assistance

Dr. William Pippin of Pippin Dental Care shared that it is normal for patients to experience mild discomfort following a significant dental procedure, especially after the anesthesia wears off. Any persistent bleeding or discomfort should not be considered as normal. If either should occur, please consult our Sevierville, Tennessee dental team for advice, or to arrange a visit to our office.

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