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Beginning from infancy, regular preventative visits are the smoothest pathway to the healthy physical and psychological development of your child.

Pediatric Dentistry

Your child’s first dental appointment should be scheduled after the first tooth comes in and no later than the first birthday. A dental visit at an early age is a “well-baby checkup” for the teeth. Besides checking for cavities and other problems, the dentist or hygienist can show you how to clean the child’s teeth properly and how to handle habits like thumb-sucking.

Exposing even an infant to the dental office environment early before problems arise will desensitize the child, and help make future visits much smoother in the event treatment becomes necessary.

“Baby teeth” or primary teeth are space holders for the larger permanent teeth. It is important to protect the health of primary teeth not only to prevent pain and infection, but to maintain space for the permanent teeth. Premature loss of primary teeth causes crowding of the permanent teeth and increases the need for orthodontic treatment or braces.

Some problems with crowding are genetic, and will become evident as your child matures. Recognizing this condition early will further decrease the need for orthodontic treatment or braces.

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