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Crooked and crowded teeth can not only be a source of self-consciousness, but they can cause oral health issues. Crowded teeth can make proper oral hygiene more difficult thereby increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Misaligned teeth and an unbalanced bite can lead to symptoms such as uneven tooth wear, jaw pain, and headache.

Orthodontics using ClearCorrect™

Dr. Pippin uses the ClearCorrect™ system for repositioning the teeth. Specialized orthodontic software is utilized to generate a series of very thin, clear plastic aligners (which you remove for brushing and flossing) to incrementally move the teeth over time. Duration of treatment can be from six to eighteen months depending upon the severity of crowding. With ClearCorrect™ braces are not attached to the teeth. Braces make oral hygiene difficult and increase the risk of tooth decay during the treatment period.

Have you always wanted your teeth to be straighter for either cosmetic or health reasons?

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