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Facial Services

Lines, wrinkles, and folds in the skin are inevitable consequences of aging. Other age-related changes include thinning lips, downturned corners of the mouth, jowling, and drooping eyebrows. Dr. Pippin can help prevent or reverse these effects of aging upon the face by utilizing an array of injectable products. Dr. Pippin has completed advanced training in their use with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics.

Botox® and Xeomin®

Many lines and wrinkles in the face can be smoothed or eliminated by injecting tiny amounts of a solution into the muscles of facial expression causing them to relax.


Dr. Pippin uses both injectable and solid thread fillers to replace lost volume, to smooth deeper wrinkles, and to lift sagging skin. Enhancing the cheeks with Voluma® not only adds lost volume to the mid face, but it has the added benefit of lifting the lower face, which can reduce the need for fillers there. Lips can be enhanced or restored using lighter fillers such as Juvederm Ultra® and Ravanesee®.

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