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COVID-19 Protocols Revised

Enhanced safety protocols for COVID-19 remain in effect with some revisions. Masks are still required for entry into the building and throughout all common areas. Social distancing within common areas is still in effect. You may use the waiting room at your...

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Our Response to the Coronavirus

This is to assure you that our office is a safe place. Our staff will continue, as always, to strictly adhere to CDC mandates for infection control and prevention of disease transmission. These include, but are not limited to the following: Any instrument used to...

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How ClearCorrect™ Aligners Work

  How aligners work. Clear aligners work like any other orthodontic appliance — they apply pressure that gradually moves the teeth and reshapes the supporting bone. The process is fairly simple: First, the doctor captures the shape of the patient’s teeth by taking...

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Sugar Free Snacks Not Better for Your Teeth

Most of us know how unhealthy sugary snacks and soft drinks can be for our bodies and our teeth. This has led many people to turn to sugar free snacks as an alternative without realizing that these may not be better for their dental health. Sugar Isn’t the Only Threat...

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ADA link

Looking for more information?, created by the American Dental Association, provides a comprehensive list of dental procedures, nutrition information, and dental FAQs.

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